what is life? Life is not what we own in terms of canal substances as some will say ‘I have everything I need so I am enjoying my life’ little do they know that the true definition of Life is Christ , in fact He’s Life according to John 11:25 ‘Jesus said I am the resurrection and the Life ‘ and the only way you get to enjoy life is knowing Him(Jesus) John 17:33 ‘and this is life eternal that they might know thee the only true God and Jesus Christ whom thou has sent’ note that Jesus did not say that eternal life was found in knowing about Him but in actually knowing Him. We can know a lot about someone without actually knowing them personally and even have contacts with Him,yet not abide in Him or maintain our spiritual communication and inter relationship with Him. Many come to know Jesus as the way, a few more go on to know Him as the truth,but very few go on to know Him as their Life .If we seek the way that may be all we find,if we seek the truth that may be all we find ,if we seek to know Jesus as our Life ,we will know the way and the truth as well . If you are not yet born again you know your life is not with you so get your life right now by inviting Jesus . And if you are born again and you don’t have an intimate relationship with Him get your Life close to you.