Hi,very good to post again and this time I’ll be writing about a pressing issue in christianity and that is’ the water’
Plants and animals have different forms of food but every living thing must have water in basically the same form.
A healthy human being can usually go forty days without food ,but not without water.
More than seventy percent of nearly every living thing is composed of water .I’m sure you will be wondering where all these facts are leading to. So this is it, if water is the basic sustenance of all living things how much more ‘the Living water’ which is Christ Acts 17:28 ‘in Him we Live,and move and have our being’ His role as a living water was seen in the old testament when the only source of water for the children of Israel was that rock. It is humility when you can’t guarantee yourself of tomorrow and you know there is someone there who will always keep you today,tomorrow and every other day.
It is also humility when you don’t know what the day holds until you talk to Him.
So you are saved in your spirit, cool but don’t just stop there get to know Him as your Living water today and He will keep you.