The Bereans were the inhabitants of the city Berea and was one of Paul and Silas’ missionary cities .
The Bible talks about them as noble and were receptive to the word searching the scripture daily whether those things which Paul was preaching were so (acts 17:11.emphasis added).
So what is my point? So many christians have built their faith on just what someone says or just what their pastors said ,now I am not saying we shouldn’t listen to our pastors as it can be seen from the text the Bereans were both receptive and they searched the scriptures for themselves to see if the words of Paul were so.
We should always search the scriptures to get personal revelations because no Christian would grow by another man’s faith.
Even Jesus during His earthly sojourn asked His Disciples in mathew 16:15 ‘who do you say I am?’.
Until we hear from the father about Christ we would just be living by men’s revelation which is not a very good ground for us to stand. So hear and search for yourself. God bless you.