Hi,good to write again and this time I will be writing on a particular problem that has plagued the Church for several years and we are still falling prey of it even until now and this problem is a problem of ‘Wall or Definition’
Many revivals have come and gone at least as far as I have read there was the First great awakening,the second Great awakening,the Azuza street revival and so on ,these revivals only last for just a number of years and after we see the light go down and the major challenge that rocked the church then was this ‘Wall’
We have so much built our Christianity on a particular definition ,most people’s christianity is tied to a particular definition or Wall or denomination.
Though we all cannot worship under the same roof but we must see one another as one body ,these are the days when the unity of the Faith is important .
It’s about time we started racing towards the same calling which Christ has called us that is to attain unto a perfect church without blemish waiting for the coming of Her head (Christ) .Let not walls separate us no matter how each one of us is racing let us know that we have one hope of our calling which is to get the Bridegroom His bride without blemish,spot or wrinkle.