love so indescribable


December 2015

My everything

Recently I was asked this question what is your everything? And the first response my  human mind could think of was God , so I started analyzing it myself then I realized that I just told a lie and lists of everything that  I can’t do without started popping up on my mind .

As a Christian God does not just become your everything by default you consciously make Him your everything .

Making God your everything is a state of the mind which is part of the soul ,the soul is capable of taking everything in this world and not be filled  but God is all in all so is only God that is capable of filling the soul of man and how do we allow God in to our soul we get it renewed with the word .As light begins to dawn on our soul it is being changed and it becomes more God conscious ,the things of God become more of our things that is when we can begin to say God is our everything.

My heart desires

Kiss me with the kisses of your lips for your love is better than wine

I want to be lost in your embrace

Holding tight to you and never let go

I want to behold myLover and become beautiful just like my Lover

I want to think your thoughts

I want to be lost in your speech

If your live is like ocean I want to be swept away

When every other lovers fade away , you remain

Your love is like perfume I want to be intrigued  by the sweet smelling

I don’t just wanna just hear ,read about you like a student reading Einsten’s autobiography I want to know you for myself

Every moment without you be a mourning moment

Every moment with you be monumental

English would fail me to describe my longing

Please come Lord make my heart your home.


Have you ever wondered why some people would say something and you begin to ask if that is in your Bible ,not because you don’t read your Bible but the teaching is just against what you have learned and when you ask they say it is a personal revelation .

someone once said and I believe it that most heresies have been as a result of people taking to a logical conclusion what God has revealed in part . yes seek personal revelations but learn to submit them to the Brethren that will help so much preventing people from entering in to heresy .

    Behold how good it is to get a personal revelation but how better it is to submit it to the brethren and what has been revealed to you in part you begin to get a clearer picture of it.


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