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January 2016

Falling in love with a mad woman!

Doctor Love

I want to share something with you that most men might not be bold enough to confess. It is a man problem. Wait please! It might be a woman problem too but I am a man so I can only describe from my own perspective!

Has a married man ever told you (a single girl) that your body is the best he has ever seen or touched? He’s lying. He most likely has told several girls the same. Is your boyfriend presently telling you that he needs a quick fix and it’s only your body that can do the job. Another lie!

For guys, we’ve always heard that “A man is moved by what he sees”. I beg to disagree. He is not really moved by what he sees but by what he thinks. It’s all in the mind.

I served (NYSC) in Calabar and I saw a couple of…

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