what is it about #NO SUM?

NO SUM simply means no sex until marriage.In a world where almost everything you see  on the tv screen, on social media points to sexual impurity,in a world where you mention that you are a virgin amidst your colleagues and they  laugh you  to scorn ,in a world where our elementary schools are not safe anymore,even our universities like the one I attend are so full of impurities. No one wants to wait anylonger.But despite all these I still stand for sexual purity and this is to that young boy or girl reading this and he/she is under pressure and it seems everyone is doing it,I want you to know you are not alone, a world of sexual purity is possible and together we can stand.

And to you that have made mistakes ,this is not to condemn you but for you to rise again and stay sexually pure again.  once again a world of sexual purity is possible.

I AM FEMI OLAYEMI AND I STAND FOR SEXUAL PURITY ,join thousands of youth around the world as we celebrate virginity day 2016femiola