love so indescribable


July 2016

the consuming gaze of love

The Consuming Gaze of Love
His eyes burn with passion for me
Passion so strong, pursuit so unrelenting
It’s a hard chase after my soul
Yes He’s after my soul
His eyes are a consuming fire
Cutting through the deepest and most secret places
Right there in the very recesses of my soul
Like a sharp two-edged sword
I love the eyes of my Lord
The eyes of the Lamb are seven
The eyes of the Lamb are perfect
The eyes of the Lamb have looked upon me
Burning away all my uncleanness
Just one look, and I am swept into Your eternity
Like a spell I am cast into the captivity of your glance
Under the charm of your eagle eyes
Piercing through my most mysterious darkness


the coming of the bride groom

The Coming of the Groom
He cometh!
Behold He runs towards His enstranged bethrothed!
With fire in His eyes He burns towards me
Oh how I melt under the heat of His approach!
Oh the pain of red burning coal upon the sin coated foreskin of my heart!
And He draws nearer and nearer
This love is jealous
Yea His name is jealous
This love has given all
He is coming to take me all
His winnowing fork is in His hands
To clear His threshing floor
To gather the wheat into His barn
But He will burn up the chaff
With unquenchable fire
Love flame! Passion unstoppable!
Many waters cannot quench it
Neither can the floods drown it

I saw this piece from a friend and it really blessed me

Deep down in the dark
No light could I see
Fear, anxiety all around me
Too much to say,
None to share with
Some times I said so much
And still said nothing
Sometimes with so many people
Yet all alone.
For I had gone too far.
Deep down that path,
with no promise of help ahead.
Stop! Love screamed!
I stopped dead in my tracks
Turn back!  He continued.
I turned, unsure.
Come!  Hope beckoned
..with loving arms outstretched
I took few weak steps,
He couldn’t actually mean that I said to myself.
I was shocked to see I wasn’t the only one doing the walking,
He was running to me also.
Radiant! Beautiful in every way.
He couldn’t want me
He sure wouldn’t even hold me
He looked too amazing
Ugh?!!  I was in shock!
I was already in His arms
I looked into His eyes and saw myself
A mirror of him, perfect in every way!
How he translated me
From darkness into his marvellous light
Grace found me

Hope called me
Love pulled me into his arms
Abba father!  I cried
What privilege!
I now walk with The Way
Surely here to stay.
I am forever changed.


put ur name within


L0ve not the world,neither the things that are in the world .if any man love the world ,the love of the father is not in him’
John was admonishing the believers not to love the ‘world’. There is a world in which satan has coined for himself and he’s the god of that world (2 corinthians 4 vs 3-4) he rules the affairs of that world he created.The main elements which he uses to rule the affairs of this world are;
1.Lust of the flesh
2.Lust of the eyes
3.The pride of Life
It is very expedient for us to note that these things are against God,even the system of this world is anti-God so as Christians we must be very careful even in our sojourn in this earth.
If you keep sowing to the flesh you are deadning the spirit. If the flesh tells you can cheat in an exam or to steal or to watch that pornography and you keep gratifying the things of the flesh before u know it you are way too lost.we should not forget that there’s a way Satan has charted for mankind since the fall which according to Ephesian 2 vs 2 is called the Course of this world and this way is against the plans of God and the end is destruction.
So then how do I forsake the World and Love God again?
1. Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour(Romans 10 vs 9-10)
2.Desist from friends,music,films,novels that keep draging u back to the world.
3.Be God-crazy I.e be a lover of God and His presence,also be a lover of His word bcos faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.
4.Keep the atmosphere of the spirit by reading spiritual books, sermons and songs as in let your smartphones,laptops,iPods be filled with God.
5. Lastly have trusted friends,pastors and Leaders you are accounted to.
Together we can do away with the things of the World and be God crazy again (Galatians 5:16-20).
Prayer:Lord help me sow to the spirit so that I may reap righteousness.


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