“For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear;ye have received the spirit of adoption,whereby we cry Abba,father”(Romans 8:15)

It is important for us to be conscious of our freedom in Christ Jesus.Jesus paid the price of Himself for our freedom,so we are no longer slaves .

For in Adam all died and we were all alienated from the family of God , Satan became officially the god of this world and we were all subject to bondage by Satan.

But thanks be to God,Who sent His only begotten Son to quicken our spirits from the dead and purchased our souls by His precious blood.Any man who believes in the death,burial and the ressurection of our Lord Jesus and confesses with his mouth the Lord Jesus Christ is saved,you are now in the family of God ,you are no longer slaves but joint heirs with Christ.So walk in the newness of Life.