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Falling in love with a mad woman!

Doctor Love

I want to share something with you that most men might not be bold enough to confess. It is a man problem. Wait please! It might be a woman problem too but I am a man so I can only describe from my own perspective!

Has a married man ever told you (a single girl) that your body is the best he has ever seen or touched? He’s lying. He most likely has told several girls the same. Is your boyfriend presently telling you that he needs a quick fix and it’s only your body that can do the job. Another lie!

For guys, we’ve always heard that “A man is moved by what he sees”. I beg to disagree. He is not really moved by what he sees but by what he thinks. It’s all in the mind.

I served (NYSC) in Calabar and I saw a couple of…

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My everything

Recently I was asked this question what is your everything? And the first response my  human mind could think of was God , so I started analyzing it myself then I realized that I just told a lie and lists of everything that  I can’t do without started popping up on my mind .

As a Christian God does not just become your everything by default you consciously make Him your everything .

Making God your everything is a state of the mind which is part of the soul ,the soul is capable of taking everything in this world and not be filled  but God is all in all so is only God that is capable of filling the soul of man and how do we allow God in to our soul we get it renewed with the word .As light begins to dawn on our soul it is being changed and it becomes more God conscious ,the things of God become more of our things that is when we can begin to say God is our everything.

My heart desires

Kiss me with the kisses of your lips for your love is better than wine

I want to be lost in your embrace

Holding tight to you and never let go

I want to behold myLover and become beautiful just like my Lover

I want to think your thoughts

I want to be lost in your speech

If your live is like ocean I want to be swept away

When every other lovers fade away , you remain

Your love is like perfume I want to be intrigued  by the sweet smelling

I don’t just wanna just hear ,read about you like a student reading Einsten’s autobiography I want to know you for myself

Every moment without you be a mourning moment

Every moment with you be monumental

English would fail me to describe my longing

Please come Lord make my heart your home.


Have you ever wondered why some people would say something and you begin to ask if that is in your Bible ,not because you don’t read your Bible but the teaching is just against what you have learned and when you ask they say it is a personal revelation .

someone once said and I believe it that most heresies have been as a result of people taking to a logical conclusion what God has revealed in part . yes seek personal revelations but learn to submit them to the Brethren that will help so much preventing people from entering in to heresy .

    Behold how good it is to get a personal revelation but how better it is to submit it to the brethren and what has been revealed to you in part you begin to get a clearer picture of it.


Bride without Walls and Definitions.

Hi,good to write again and this time I will be writing on a particular problem that has plagued the Church for several years and we are still falling prey of it even until now and this problem is a problem of ‘Wall or Definition’
Many revivals have come and gone at least as far as I have read there was the First great awakening,the second Great awakening,the Azuza street revival and so on ,these revivals only last for just a number of years and after we see the light go down and the major challenge that rocked the church then was this ‘Wall’
We have so much built our Christianity on a particular definition ,most people’s christianity is tied to a particular definition or Wall or denomination.
Though we all cannot worship under the same roof but we must see one another as one body ,these are the days when the unity of the Faith is important .
It’s about time we started racing towards the same calling which Christ has called us that is to attain unto a perfect church without blemish waiting for the coming of Her head (Christ) .Let not walls separate us no matter how each one of us is racing let us know that we have one hope of our calling which is to get the Bridegroom His bride without blemish,spot or wrinkle.

The Bereans.

The Bereans were the inhabitants of the city Berea and was one of Paul and Silas’ missionary cities .
The Bible talks about them as noble and were receptive to the word searching the scripture daily whether those things which Paul was preaching were so (acts 17:11.emphasis added).
So what is my point? So many christians have built their faith on just what someone says or just what their pastors said ,now I am not saying we shouldn’t listen to our pastors as it can be seen from the text the Bereans were both receptive and they searched the scriptures for themselves to see if the words of Paul were so.
We should always search the scriptures to get personal revelations because no Christian would grow by another man’s faith.
Even Jesus during His earthly sojourn asked His Disciples in mathew 16:15 ‘who do you say I am?’.
Until we hear from the father about Christ we would just be living by men’s revelation which is not a very good ground for us to stand. So hear and search for yourself. God bless you.

The water.

Hi,very good to post again and this time I’ll be writing about a pressing issue in christianity and that is’ the water’
Plants and animals have different forms of food but every living thing must have water in basically the same form.
A healthy human being can usually go forty days without food ,but not without water.
More than seventy percent of nearly every living thing is composed of water .I’m sure you will be wondering where all these facts are leading to. So this is it, if water is the basic sustenance of all living things how much more ‘the Living water’ which is Christ Acts 17:28 ‘in Him we Live,and move and have our being’ His role as a living water was seen in the old testament when the only source of water for the children of Israel was that rock. It is humility when you can’t guarantee yourself of tomorrow and you know there is someone there who will always keep you today,tomorrow and every other day.
It is also humility when you don’t know what the day holds until you talk to Him.
So you are saved in your spirit, cool but don’t just stop there get to know Him as your Living water today and He will keep you.

True life in christ Jesus

what is life? Life is not what we own in terms of canal substances as some will say ‘I have everything I need so I am enjoying my life’ little do they know that the true definition of Life is Christ , in fact He’s Life according to John 11:25 ‘Jesus said I am the resurrection and the Life ‘ and the only way you get to enjoy life is knowing Him(Jesus) John 17:33 ‘and this is life eternal that they might know thee the only true God and Jesus Christ whom thou has sent’ note that Jesus did not say that eternal life was found in knowing about Him but in actually knowing Him. We can know a lot about someone without actually knowing them personally and even have contacts with Him,yet not abide in Him or maintain our spiritual communication and inter relationship with Him. Many come to know Jesus as the way, a few more go on to know Him as the truth,but very few go on to know Him as their Life .If we seek the way that may be all we find,if we seek the truth that may be all we find ,if we seek to know Jesus as our Life ,we will know the way and the truth as well . If you are not yet born again you know your life is not with you so get your life right now by inviting Jesus . And if you are born again and you don’t have an intimate relationship with Him get your Life close to you.

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